The Cynical Traveller

About The Cynical Traveller

In the early to mid aughts, I had one of the earliest and most popular blogs on travel which was called “A Daily Adventure.” It was featured in an early attempt to monetize the burgeoning blog scene named “Project DU,” which was a curated collection of blogs presented through an RSS reader. Come to think of it, it may also be one of the earliest examples of what would eventually become known as apps. “A Daily Adventure” was also one of the earliest adopters of WordPress. Some of the changes I implemented to WordPress at the time, such as static pages, have actually become standard features.

I love to travel.

What you won’t catch me doing however, is romanticizing certain aspects of it. I don’t find suffering long train journeys or filthy toilets quaint! There will not be any nauseating prose on finding myself or the hidden meanings and importance of travel on this site. There is plenty of that out there already.

My life is often a comedy of disasters, and here I will share some of those stories.